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Return of Zombie Monkey

This fantastic image comes from Steve White, author of the Dinosaur Jetfighters blog and Thunderlizard blog as well. Check 'em out!

I am going to have nightmares again.

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Headsplode

Last page from Andrew James for a while, sadly. This one is so great that it deserves the b/wbeing shown as well.

Here is the b/w image:


It's Carly's birthday today, so super artist Shannon has done her this fantastic picture! She loves it, and to be honest, how could she not?

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Ball-Buster

This just looks plain painful! David Leach clearly enjoyed doing this more than a grown man should. I love this pic, but my eyes water just looking at it!

David is the only person to supply a catch-phrase with his pic - something I heartily approve of!

Blast from the past: PUNCHFACE!!! NES game

Hayden Stainsby writes:

"Thought you might be interested in this little look back at Punchface!!! license usage, the acclaimed game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Thanks Hayden! I remember playing this when it first came out.

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Nutsack

Alex Walker, part proprietor of Brickwall films and general maniac has done this. I love it without reservation.

This all started when I received a text from him a week ago saying "For some reason I've had the idea of PUNCHFACE!!! vs Nutsack going through my mind all day." The rest is history.

Linework is his, colouring is mine.

I love the way that Nutsack seems to be really enjoying this.

First appearance of PUNCHFACE!!!

From Marcus Scudamore. He writes 
"I found this in my comic collection.. Should be worth about £3.50 at least!"
Thanks for that Marcus, it's always fascinating to look back to see how a character has changed throughout the years.