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Legend of PUNCHFACE!!!

Loving the new logo on his chest!

This Punchface is from the awesome Steve Tothill!

PUNCHFACE!!! Vs The Faceless Man

Matthew Craig has really outdone himself on this one! I am dying to find out about the origin of Kickbaws!

Check out more of Matthew's comics at

 I love this one!

PUNCHFACE!!! Vs the limits of his concept

Art by me again.

Punchface VS boredom!

I did the art for this. So, sorry about that.

Diego Jourdan Punchface

The lovely, wonderful and very talented Diego Jourdan did this Punchface pin-up, isn't it great? You can see more about him here.

PUNCHFACE vs The Cubist, complete

Here's the complete PUNCHFACE Vs the Cubist. I am happier about this than I can adequately explain.

PUNCHFACE!!! Vs The Cubist. Page 1

New Punchface comic by Martin Stiff. Words cannot express how awesome this is. His blog is at

Go there.

Lee Bradley's PUNCHFACE!!!

The incredible Lee Bradley drew this. He's not only a fantastic artist, but a really great guy. He's good about going to conventions, so pop by and say hello to him next time you're at a con.

He also came up with an amazing idea for a superhero that I will post here later in the week.

God damn, I love this picture!


New from the "Amazing" Andrew James! I love the new costume, I think that this is probably an evil Punchface from an alternate universe. His name will be Dark Evil Mirror Reverse-Earth PUNCHFACE!!!
Check out Andrew's tumblr at, you won't be disappointed!