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This is my birthday/Christmas present from uber-cool artist Seb Antoniou. Seb and I already did a short comic that can be found here, but we are going to do another one that will BLOW YOUR GODDAMN MIND!

This picture is so cool! I love Seb's dark and moody style, kind of 2000AD meets Frank Miller. But better than when Frank Miller actually did draw Judge Dredd...

I love the idea of PUNCHFACE!!!'s nemesis being this really creepy dude. More nemesis (nemesi? nemeses?) to come soon.

Birthday PUNCHFACE!!!

Yet again Shannon blows me away with his awesomeness!

The level of accuracy is just plain terrifying.

Return of Zombie Monkey

This fantastic image comes from Steve White, author of the Dinosaur Jetfighters blog and Thunderlizard blog as well. Check 'em out!

I am going to have nightmares again.

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Headsplode

Last page from Andrew James for a while, sadly. This one is so great that it deserves the b/wbeing shown as well.

Here is the b/w image:


It's Carly's birthday today, so super artist Shannon has done her this fantastic picture! She loves it, and to be honest, how could she not?

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Ball-Buster

This just looks plain painful! David Leach clearly enjoyed doing this more than a grown man should. I love this pic, but my eyes water just looking at it!

David is the only person to supply a catch-phrase with his pic - something I heartily approve of!

Blast from the past: PUNCHFACE!!! NES game

Hayden Stainsby writes:

"Thought you might be interested in this little look back at Punchface!!! license usage, the acclaimed game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.


Thanks Hayden! I remember playing this when it first came out.

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Nutsack

Alex Walker, part proprietor of Brickwall films and general maniac has done this. I love it without reservation.

This all started when I received a text from him a week ago saying "For some reason I've had the idea of PUNCHFACE!!! vs Nutsack going through my mind all day." The rest is history.

Linework is his, colouring is mine.

I love the way that Nutsack seems to be really enjoying this.

First appearance of PUNCHFACE!!!

From Marcus Scudamore. He writes 
"I found this in my comic collection.. Should be worth about £3.50 at least!"
Thanks for that Marcus, it's always fascinating to look back to see how a character has changed throughout the years. 

PUNCHFACE!!! vs NoseBurst

Andrew James is on a roll. What more can you say?
I love doing this blog!


A new logo from Russell Seal - I am simultaneously repulsed and aroused by this image.

I'll put it on the poll as soon as I work out how to do that.

Shannon vs PUNCHFACE!!!

I would like to state here that Shannon is being very harsh on himself here, and is actually a sexy, sexy man. Mel is a lucky lady...

I love this comic strip so much...

Which logo should I use?

Andrew James and Shannon Gallant have both been kind enough to design me some logos for the PUNCHFACE!!! comic. Which is your favourite?

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Ardent fans of PUNCHFACE!!! (or Punchfacees, as I have now decided to call them), will have already seen the character of Bitchslap in an earlier comic strip. This version of Bitchslap is played by Ellie Graham, who works downstairs in our marketing department, and as far as I know has never slapped anyone. I think that the version Martin Eden drew was the Golden Age Bitchslap, and Ellie is the Modern Age Bitchslap.

Anyway, here she is. Pencils from Andrew James, because he has awesomeness to spare.

Friday afternoon competition: I need a logo

Hey there Punch-fans!

Given the fantastic support that I have had on this project, I was thinking that it would be pretty cool to run a competition.

I need a new logo for PUNCHFACE!!! comic - the best logo wins a PUNCHFACE!!! t-shirt, which will have the PUNCHFACE!!! symbol on the front and the new logo on the back. It'll look amazing, trust me.

I am also open to any designs for new costumes, symbols or villains for PUNCHFACE!!! So go freaking crazy!

Scott PilgrimFACE!!!

Andrew literally cannot stop drawing Scott Pilgrim characters. I think all the walls of his house are covered in them or something. We would ask him to stop, BUT HE'S JUST TOO GODDAM GOOD!

This is now the picture that comes up on Carly's phone when I call her.

The cover that started it all

I think this is the first PUNCHFACE!!! drawing ever made, but I could be wrong.

More of Shannon's art next week, but I thought I would pace out the comic strips a bit.

My crotch is massive in this picture. JUST AS IT IS IN REAL LIFE.

Reader letters

Here is the first of two new strips by SL Gallant, who has blown me away with his artwork. He's a fantastic artist and a lovely guy, and you can check out more of his stuff here. It's great!

He has put so much effort into this strip, it's amazing.

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Dickhead

This image keeps making me laugh, God bless Andrew James and everything about him.

The Great White

For those of you who don't know him, this is my Senior Editor, Steve White:

He has a blog where he shows his artwork about dinosaurs or sharks or something here

Anyway, Andrew has decided to disturb me greatly by including Steve as "The Great White", a new villain for PUNCHFACE!!!

Here is the initial sketch for the character. Note the twin... claspers...

Apparently, though, this wasn't enough, and now Andrew has unleashed the version of The Great White that will star in the upcoming PUNCHFACE!!! movie:

May God have mercy on our souls.

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Bitchslap

Today's comic was drawn by my friend, the super-talented Martin Eden. Martin is the creator of Spandex, one of the best independent comics being produced today. You can see it here. You really won't regret it.

Anyway, here is PUNCHFACE!!! vs Bitchslap, a new villain for him to fight. She's pretty mean, I think you'll agree. I love Martin's idea for Bitchslap, and we've been discussing further ideas for her.

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Captain Glass-Jaw

Here is Captain Glass-Jaw, a woefully mismatched villain for PUNCHFACE!!! to fight. I think most stories involving Captain Glass-Jaw will end the same way.
This is my first time colouring from pencils, so it is my fault if it looks a little bit rough.

Here are the fantastic pencils, again from the supremely talented Andrew James.

Another PUNCHFACE!!! comic strip

I think this was originally published in Titan Talks.  Written and drawn by Andrew James, I especially like the expression on my face in panel three.

PUNCHFACE!!! The movie

Here is a leaked costume test for PUNCHFACE!!! the movie. I will, of course, be playing every single part in the movie, including all the female ones. The love scenes are going to be really weird.

PUNCHFACE!!! cover

Another cover by the ridiculously talented Andrew James. You would think that he would own some co-creator rights on this by now. But he doesn't.

I think that the new costume means that this is Ultimate PUNCHFACE!!!!

PUNCHFACE!!! vs Zombie Monkey

More PUNCHFACE!!! today. This time, a comic book cover: PUNCHFACE!!! vs Zombie Monkey. Steve White provided the terrifying insight into what a zombie monkey would look like, and Andrew James is all about the Superhero.

As always, neither of them can have any money for this.

The Secret Origin of PUNCHFACE!!!

This is the first ever PUNCHFACE!!! comic strip drawn, lettered and coloured by Andrew James as part of the Titan Magazines “Titan Talks” page.

Steve White and Den Patrick make guest appearances in this comic, but they can’t have any money because they are not in continuity.

More PUNCHFACE!!! tomorrow.