Monday, 12 July 2010

PUNCHFACE!!! cover

Another cover by the ridiculously talented Andrew James. You would think that he would own some co-creator rights on this by now. But he doesn't.

I think that the new costume means that this is Ultimate PUNCHFACE!!!!


Andrew James said...

I think it's more Geoff Johns' reboot of the Punchface!!! concept, cleaning up the continuity, going back to when he was a Silver Age white guy, but putting in a weird subplot about his parents and some villain losing his arm in the process.

Plus, he's also introduced the concept of the 'Spectrum of Punches', so that two years down the line you'll be able to purchase seven differently-colour Punchface action figures making up the Punches of the Universe.

The Blue Vein Corps, the Red Fist Corps, the Green Fingers Corps, the Yellow Jaundice Corps, the Chocolate Orange Corps, the Indigo Band Stamp Corps and the Purple Nail Varnish Corps, obviously.

He'd introduce the White Knuckle Corps in the Punchest Night crossover.

Damn, you own the rights to all this shit now, don't you?

Ned said...

Close, but the spectrum of punching actually works on how hard the punch is. So, PUNCHFACE!!! is somewhere in the middle, who is better than supervillains Slap and Tickle, who don't punch people very hard at all. I think Bitchslap is in that area of the spectrum as well. Higher than PUNCHFACE!!! is Professor Groinkick, and higher than him is the Headbutter.

I can draw you a graph if you like.

Andrew James said...

I think a graph would be most useful in this instance, yes.

hds said...

Never one to pass up a challenge... Behold, the Punch Spectrum!

I even separated Slap and Tickle into their respective strengths as well as their team strength.

Ned said...

Hayden, that is awesome. You are now officially part of the LEAGUE OF PUNCHING PEOPLE IN THE FACE.

Please don't actually punch anyone in the face.

Mart said...

i love the logo!!