Comic book signing! Sat 5th May! Orbital Comics!

Hey now!

I've ALWAYS wanted to do a comic book signing, and on Sat 5th May I'm going to be doing just that! I'll be at one of my favourite comic shops, Orbital Comics* near Leicester Square tube station, signing copies of the 2000AD Regened Free Comic Book Day special. I'll be there from about 12, depending on how easily I can get away from my kids in the morning**

More details here, but if you come along you will also get to meet Matt Smith, Alec Worley, Colin Bell, Pye Parr, Tanya Roberts, Keith Richardson, Indio, Neil Googe and Owen Michael Johnson.

I would imagine that I will be in the pub*** afterwards.

Thanks, love you****


* It's only not my absolute top favourite because I used to work in Forbidden Planet and I met my wife there.

** Don't you dare judge me.

*** I don't know which one.

**** Was that too much? No, I think I got away with it.

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